Until a create connection dialog exists, options for the connection may be passed at the "Please enter hostname of the RDP server" prompt.

	where hostname may be: 	
			an ip like
			a fully qualified hostname mypc.mywork.com
			and sometimes just a hostname mypc (this rarely works)
	and /option may be one or more of:
			/s enable sound
			/l leave sound on remote (play sound on PC's speakers)
			/0 console mode 
			/n reset license information before connecting
			/8 use by itself when connecting to win8 machines (only in 0.3.2)

Some examples:

Connects as administrator to mypc
Connects as administrator to mypc, and redirects sound to the touchpad.
Connects as administrator to mypc on port 3399 and plays sound on the PC's speakers.
Connects as mydomain\myusername to myserver's console, and redirects sound to the touchpad
Connects as mydomain\myusername, leaving the sound at the PC, after reseting the device license.